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PaperHouse Pop-Up:

Penny Penniworth

a Story of Great Good Fortune

by Chris Weinkel

December 17th & 18th at Comedy Arts Theatre of Charlotte (CATCh)

We're excited to be back with this heavily-staged reading featuring some favorites of the Charlotte theatre scene and PaperHouse past.

Penny Penniworth is a labyrinthine romp through 19th-century English literature as presented by an enterprising (if understaffed) theatre troupe who has gamely decided to produce a "lost" Dickens epic. 

Penny, a down-on-her-luck Dickensian waif, has been deprived of her fortune and her country estate by the untimely death of her hapless father. Off she must go to London and navigate her way among unscrupulous suitors, incorrigible urchins, and anonymous benefactors. 

This rollicking play is a tour de force for four actors who portray a cavalcade of comic characters in a gender-bending tale of true love thwarted, wealth, deception, abduction, and true love regained.

The purchase price of your ticket includes

a seasonal holiday beverage and a festive treat.

Additional drinks can be purchased on premise at the bar.


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