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October 13-30, 2016

Before Dracula there was Carmilla

Based on J. Sheridan Le Fanu's gothic novella, Carmilla, PaperHouse Theatre is creating an immersive Halloween experience. 

Laura lives with her mother in a remote mansion, they take an unexpected visitor into their care. She is beautiful and charming and a sourse of great attraction and repulsion for Laura.

Girls in the village are dying of a mysterious illness and Laura is plagued by night visitations that leave her drained - are they dreams, nightmares, or something more sinister?

PaperHouse presents this tale in an immersive experience a the beautiful turn of the century house on Central Ave, that also houses The Frock Shop. 

Opening Night is Thursday October 13, 8pm

Tickets $30.

Limited Seating

Complimentary Halloween sips and nibbles are included but the performance is BYOG (Bring your Own Garlic)

Tickets will go on sale - Sept 19th.

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